Volunteers needed: Career Bingo

We are excited that our National Dreamer Conference is just a few weeks away! We have several volunteer opportunities available, including a fun networking practice activity that should be easy for professionals to participate in over lunch.

“Career Bingo”
When: Thursday, July 19, Noon-1:15 p.m.
Location: Hubbell Dining Hall, Drake University

Help Dreamers practice networking skills by participating as a professional in our “Career Bingo” game. Eat lunch and mingle with the teens, sharing some stories from your own college and career journey. The students will try to meet professionals with experiences that match descriptions from a “Bingo” sheet. Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Note: Please plan to pay for your own lunch, which should run about $7.50.
Free parking is available in the Olmsted lot on University Avenue, just east of 31st Street.

RSVP: If you are able to volunteer, please contact the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation by reaching Brianne Sanchez: b.sanchez@drake.edu or 271-1974.

About the Conference:

The Des Moines “I Have A Dream” Foundation is proud to host the 11th annual National Dreamer Conference, which brings together students supported by “I Have A Dream” programs nationwide. Middle school and high school Dreamers from across the country will gather at Drake University to participate in three days of workshops focusing on college and career readiness.
Dreamers will interact with college professors, local professionals, current students, speakers, and Dreamer alumni who have achieved their college goals, and engage in conversation about how to achieve their dreams.
Students receive a reading list and come prepared to participate in seminars on college selection, career options, leadership, decision making, and public speaking. Dreamers leave having experienced life on a college campus. This time spent immersed in the college environment helps the students to envision their academic futures. They return home inspired and equipped with the tools needed to be personally successful


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