Hawkeyes for a day: U of I college visit

The Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation didn’t just promise our Dreamers that we would pay for college if they graduate from high school. We work tirelessly to foster a culture of college throughout their education. University pennants hang from the walls of Ms. Dusenbery’s classroom, and we invite Dreamer families for visits to campuses to get a sense of the experience and expectations for students. This summer, we traveled to Iowa City to visit the University of Iowa.

The schedule included a campus tour (fun fact from our guide: There are more books in the University of Iowa library than people in the state, and more pigs in Iowa than books in the U of I library!), a peek into a residence hall room, all-you-care-to-eat lunch in the dining hall, and a chance to go behind the scenes at Kinnick Stadium.

The best message of the day came from Hawkeye football player Brett Van Sloten, who gave the kids a locker room talk that underscored the need to be self-motivated, accountable and able to manage their time wisely. All are important skills for students — especially student athletes!

Even our die-hard ISU fans enjoyed seeing the pink visitor locker rooms:

A special thanks to IHAD board member Andy Frantz for putting us in touch with the athletics office.

Seeing this picture of the Dreamers hanging out at the Old Capitol next to this photo of recent U of I alumna and former Dreamer, Jenny, really brings home the impact of the IHAD promise!

Just six more years until they’re ready to start their own college experiences!

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