How to Make a Dog Visor

How to Make a Dog/Puppy Visor for Kids

This crafting post is by Laila, a Dreamer who participated in our blogging enrichment session during Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation summer school. This assignment was to create a How-To post that we could put on Pinterest! The Dreamers have been making and selling items to benefit the Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary as part of their Dreamers, Do! service group.

1.     You will need these items to make your visor:

·      A foam visor (In the color of your choosing.)

·      2 pieces of foam (Also your choosing for the color.)

·      A pair of scissors

·      A hot glue gun

·      A pen or permanent marker

·      Two googley eyes

·      A heart or circle template

·      Any colorful scraps of foam that may be lying about

·      A colored pom-pom (used as nose)

2.    First you trace your heart/circle template with your pen/permanent marker. This will be the muzzle.

3.    Next you cut out the shape using your scissors. Be careful to get your fingers too close to the blade. If you have a heart tracer cut the pointed part off after cutting out the whole shape.

4.    Now you will take your pen/permanent marker and draw the shape you want for your ears on your other piece of foam. Draw fairly close to the edge to make the next part easier.

5.    Then you will fold your piece in half so that the to ends of the foam are lined up.

6.    Now cut through both layers of foam while staying on your outline.

7.    Now you’re able to draw on some decorative patterns so your ears will look fun and unique.

8.    Now that you’re done cutting you can take your hot glue gun and glue your muzzle, ears, nose, and eyes onto your visor.

9.    After letting your dog dry you can cut out some accessories like a bow, a tongue, or even rosy cheeks. Then you will glue those on with hot glue gun as well.

10.  Finally, once everything dries, you can wear your new dog visor for everyone to see.

Here’s another version, with floppy ears and half a heart as a muzzle template:

Jazzy’s dog hat project


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