Career Corner: TV interview tips from WHO reporter Dave Price

The Dreamers got a special treat when WHO TV reporter Dave Price visited our classroom to offer tips on how to conduct on-camera interviews.

This spring, the Dreamers will produce an orientation video for incoming Callanan 6th graders. They will interview classmates, teachers, administrators and staff to show how middle school life works.

Dave gave us pointers from a pro, then it was time to role play a few interviews:

Sandra conducts a red carpet style interview with Daniel. Next stop, E!

Deji interviews Mike, who pretends to be Callanan Principal Mr. Calaway.

Dave Price’s on-camera interview tips:

  • Actually listen to what the person you’re interviewing says in an answer and follow up with specific questions.
  • Stay away from questions that allow people to give simple “yes” or “no” answers.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, so you’re easy to understand.
  • It’s OK to look at your interview subject instead of the camera when they’re answering.

Role reversal! Javion interviews Dave Price about his middle school experience.

Thanks again to Dave Price for joining us!

Dave is well-known and respected for his politics coverage, and he’s also been reporting on a topic near and dear to our mission: Education. Check out his teacher roundtables on WHO-13.

Are you a Des Moines professional who would like to share your career with our Dreamers? Contact the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation office to talk about potential opportunities.

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