Des Moines 2018 Dreamer Video

Who are our Dreamers? Watch this short video to get a better sense of the children who benefit from the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation.

One of the most telling quotes in this totally unscripted video comes from a Dreamer who says if he wasn’t in the program, he would feel “stuck” and “paranoid” that he couldn’t get all of  his work done. (It’s at about 3:15.) This is such a telling statement. Students who feel like this in middle school — especially students who lack involved parents — are at a high risk of dropping out and not graduating from high school.

The “I Have a Dream” model is proactive. We’re able to form relationships with students like Javion and identify where they feel stuck or overwhelmed, then work with them to develop the tools that they need to succeed, academically and socially.

You can get involved as a mentor, donor, volunteer tutor or reading buddy. Just contact our Foundation office for details.

Special thanks to Board President Brennan Buckley for overseeing production of this video.


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