The Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation is sponsoring the Feb. 28, 2012  Business Record Power Breakfast on the topic of  “Polishing your Corporate Image.”

Attendees will hear a fantastic panel presentation on tips and tactics for enhancing a corporate image in the community.


Brennan Buckley, our board president, will deliver a brief overview on IHAD programming, impact and leadership.

There’s a strong connection between our IHAD model of proactive dropout prevention and bolstering Des Moines’ workforce and economy. Our immediate goals focus on a specific group of at-risk students, but our long-term strategy encompasses enhancing the quality of life for families through education.

Did you know:

In Greater Des Moines, an estimated 1,100 students dropped out of the Class of 2010 without earning a diploma. Cutting this number in half would yield 550 “new” high school graduates who would likely make additional contributions to the Des Moines community by:

* spending $13 million more on home purchases than they would likely spend without a diploma;
* supporting 60 jobs and increasing the gross regional product by as much as $8.9 million by the time they reach the midpoint of their careers;
* earning $6.7 million more in an average year compared with their likely earnings without a high school diploma;
* spending an additional $5 million and investing an additional $1.7 million in an average year.

Read more in the fantastic Business Record article “Study: Cutting dropout rates would boost Iowa’s economy”

Don’t forget to secure your tickets to the upcoming Business Record Power Breakfast!

Join us for the Business Record Power Breakfast


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