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Career Corner: TV interview tips from WHO reporter Dave Price

The Dreamers got a special treat when WHO TV reporter Dave Price visited our classroom to offer tips on how to conduct on-camera interviews.

This spring, the Dreamers will produce an orientation video for incoming Callanan 6th graders. They will interview classmates, teachers, administrators and staff to show how middle school life works.

Dave gave us pointers from a pro, then it was time to role play a few interviews:

Sandra conducts a red carpet style interview with Daniel. Next stop, E!

Deji interviews Mike, who pretends to be Callanan Principal Mr. Calaway.

Dave Price’s on-camera interview tips:

  • Actually listen to what the person you’re interviewing says in an answer and follow up with specific questions.
  • Stay away from questions that allow people to give simple “yes” or “no” answers.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, so you’re easy to understand.
  • It’s OK to look at your interview subject instead of the camera when they’re answering.

Role reversal! Javion interviews Dave Price about his middle school experience.

Thanks again to Dave Price for joining us!

Dave is well-known and respected for his politics coverage, and he’s also been reporting on a topic near and dear to our mission: Education. Check out his teacher roundtables on WHO-13.

Are you a Des Moines professional who would like to share your career with our Dreamers? Contact the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation office to talk about potential opportunities.

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Des Moines 2018 Dreamer Video

Who are our Dreamers? Watch this short video to get a better sense of the children who benefit from the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation.

One of the most telling quotes in this totally unscripted video comes from a Dreamer who says if he wasn’t in the program, he would feel “stuck” and “paranoid” that he couldn’t get all of  his work done. (It’s at about 3:15.) This is such a telling statement. Students who feel like this in middle school — especially students who lack involved parents — are at a high risk of dropping out and not graduating from high school.

The “I Have a Dream” model is proactive. We’re able to form relationships with students like Javion and identify where they feel stuck or overwhelmed, then work with them to develop the tools that they need to succeed, academically and socially.

You can get involved as a mentor, donor, volunteer tutor or reading buddy. Just contact our Foundation office for details.

Special thanks to Board President Brennan Buckley for overseeing production of this video.

Celebrating good grades (like a rockstar!)

In honor of last night’s Grammy awards, we thought we’d share a strategy for recognizing and celebrating good grades.

Dreamer Academic Coordinator Kristi Dusenbery came up with a creative “Good Grade Heroes”  (a riff off Guitar Hero) collage wall and the Dreamers LOVE donning rock star accessories like wigs and sun glasses to pose for pictures celebrating their latest good grades.

The wall was even featured in the Des Moines West Register a few months ago!

Check out a gallery on our Facebook page to see who is acing their exams.

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The Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation is sponsoring the Feb. 28, 2012  Business Record Power Breakfast on the topic of  “Polishing your Corporate Image.”

Attendees will hear a fantastic panel presentation on tips and tactics for enhancing a corporate image in the community.


Brennan Buckley, our board president, will deliver a brief overview on IHAD programming, impact and leadership.

There’s a strong connection between our IHAD model of proactive dropout prevention and bolstering Des Moines’ workforce and economy. Our immediate goals focus on a specific group of at-risk students, but our long-term strategy encompasses enhancing the quality of life for families through education.

Did you know:

In Greater Des Moines, an estimated 1,100 students dropped out of the Class of 2010 without earning a diploma. Cutting this number in half would yield 550 “new” high school graduates who would likely make additional contributions to the Des Moines community by:

* spending $13 million more on home purchases than they would likely spend without a diploma;
* supporting 60 jobs and increasing the gross regional product by as much as $8.9 million by the time they reach the midpoint of their careers;
* earning $6.7 million more in an average year compared with their likely earnings without a high school diploma;
* spending an additional $5 million and investing an additional $1.7 million in an average year.

Read more in the fantastic Business Record article “Study: Cutting dropout rates would boost Iowa’s economy”

Don’t forget to secure your tickets to the upcoming Business Record Power Breakfast!

Join us for the Business Record Power Breakfast

Make your Birdies for Charity pledge to IHAD

The Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation is excited to once again be one of the recognized nonprofits for the Principal Charity Classic® Birdies for Charity® program!

For those unfamiliar with “Birdies for Charity,” donors like you can pledge pennies (minimum of two cents) per birdie  made by the Champions Tour players. There are typically between 700-900 birdies at the Principal Charity Classic.

So, as an example:  If you  pledged $.02 per birdie and there were 795 birdies in the tournament, you would donate $15.90.

Or, you can make a flat donation of $10 and still enter the “Guess the Birdies” contest.

The best part? Not only does the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation benefit from 100% of your pledged donations, but we also  receive a match of 25% of donations from the event! This is a fun way to amplify your giving and make an impact on the organization. To make your pledge, just select the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation from the drop-down menu of charities.

We’re grateful for your support and advocacy for our education initiative. Help spread the word about the opportunity to pledge for education by changing your Facebook timeline image (for a day, a week or however long you like!)


The Des Moines “I Have a Dream Foundation” empowers children in low-income communities to achieve higher education and fulfill their leadership potential by providing them with guaranteed tuition support and equipping them with the skills, knowledge and habits they need to succeed.

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Up close with our executive director, Emily

Emily W. Hamilton, executive director of the Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation, was recently named a finalist for the Juice Magazine “YP of the Year” award. The award honors central Iowans under the age of 35 who have made an impact in their communities.

Emily W. Hamilton. Photo by Eric Rowley, Juice Magazine

Emily was recognized alongside five finalists at a January reception, which helped spread the word about the IHAD mission and the strong leadership and vision moving the organization forward. As a finalist, Emily was profiled in the magazine. She said:

“Because of my background and how my education impacted me, that is why I feel I can make a difference in children’s lives. My life was transformed in college. Grinnell opened a lot of doors and its programs gave me a strong sense of identity and social justice. Education is something I feel very passionate about, and I feel I should pay it forward.”

The article also quoted new IHAD board president Brennan Buckley, who shared these thoughts about Emily:

“Emily is a very unique person. She can look at not only what she has accomplished, which is a lot, but also what she can help accomplish in the future. There is no doubt she’ll have a long, continuous career in helping build this city.”

The Des Moines “I Have a Dream” Foundation is proud to celebrate Emily, her fellow finalists and winner Tiffany Tauscheck!

Check out a few more photos from the 2012 Juice YP of the Year event:

Thanks to Juice photographer Eric Rowley for sharing these!

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